Deanna Mastellone

Deanna has been a full time carer for her mother who had dementia. Diagnosed in January 2013, they had no debt and Deanna single-handedly looked after her for 6 years at home. Where did she get the fire in her belly to fight for all carers around the world? Deanna has been through hell by unjust government legislation and policies in Australia.

When her mother was dying, she could not access any assistance as Centrelink had lost her financial paperwork 4 times, drowning in debt - not from extravagant living - including $72k on credit cards and a huge mortgage thanks to mandatory council fire orders.

On the 2nd July 2018 the NSW Chief Tax Commissioner threatened to default her mortgage (which means she would lose everything) unless she continued to pay NSW Revenue unjust land tax of $12,000. Deanna is a fighter and won’t stop until justice for all full time unpaid carers globally is deservedly served.

For two years, every single day I have worked on strategies in an ’Ideal Carers World’ to protect all our futures. They include employment, taxation, respite care, care expenses, superannuation, national carers card, higher carers allowance, carers app, support services for children who are carers and legal protection.

I created a carers cheat sheet with links to services from all around the world. My dream is, every location in the world to have one for their services, if they don’t have these services to create them. Why? It is a full time job just wading through the bureaucratic process, to access any assistance.

Why do the unemployed receive more money from governments than full time unpaid carers who sacrifice their lives, careers, health and financial security.

If you have lots of money then you have the luxury to pay for care. No money - government will provide your care. Everyone else either sells or sacrifices everything to look after your loved one at home. It is absolute hell on earth being a full time carer for a loved one with dementia at home without a homecare package. Zero tax concessions = huge unjust financial worries, sleepless nights and living on my overdraft since 2015.

Dementia sucks the life out of you, being endlessly patient, showering and dealing with double incontinence, makes us all feel like the walking dead from sheer exhaustion 7 days a week.

Governments cannot destroy our health, financial security and expect us to pay for everything. With no help, nor tax concessions when we have given up our careers, spent our super and when we are close to 60 and cannot return to our former careers.

If this is not addressed in a holistic way, governments are leaving a gigantic legacy of the biggest generation the baby boomers forced onto welfare which all children and grandchildren will be obligated to support with much higher taxes for the next 30 years.